[S.C. Stephens] ¹ Thoughtful (Thoug 7 egg Thoughtful (Thoughtl Story Has Two Sides, And In This New Book, The Epic Love Story Between Kiera And Kellan Is Shown Through His Eyes All Kellan Kyle Needs Is His Guitar, And Some Clean Sheets Of Paper Growing Up In A House That Was Far From A Home, He Learned A Hard Lesson You Re Worthless Now His Life Is Comfortably Story Has Two Sides, And In This New Book, The Epic Love Story Between Kiera And Kellan Is Shown Through His Eyes All Kellan Kyle Needs Is His Guitar, And Some Clean Sheets Of Paper Growing Up In A H

[S.C. Stephens] ¹ Thoughtful (Thoughtless, #1.5) [graphic-novels PDF] Read Online ↠´ completewoman.co

Story Has Two Sides, And In This New Book, The Epic Love Story Between Kiera And Kellan Is Shown Through His Eyes All Kellan Kyle Needs Is His Guitar, And Some Clean Sheets Of Paper Growing Up In A House That Was Far From A Home, He Learned A Hard Lesson You Re Worthless Now His Life Is Comfortably Filled With Passionate Music, Loyal Band Mates, And Fast Women Until He Meets Her Kiera Makes Him Ache For Makes Him Feel For The First Time [S.
Stephens] ¹ Thoughtful (Thoughtless, #1.
5) [graphic-novels PDF] read Online ↠´ That He S Worth But There S One Problem She S His Best Friend S Girl Just When Kellan Thought His Emotional Defenses Were Rock Solid, Kiera S Indecisive Heart Wreaks Havoc On His Soul, Changing Him Forever Losing Kiera Is Not An Option FOUR STARS BR with Mel and Sharon She was my greatest pain, and my only salvation She was the only one who could heal this hole in my heart, a hole she d torn open This was a really hard read for me I know that I must be just a touch sadistic to have read the series FOUR times, but Kellan truly is my 1 and he s worth the torture When I finished reading Reckless two years ago, I sent an email to S.
C Stephens, just gushing over the book and BEGGING her to write Thoughtless over in Kellan s POV I was not ready to let him go I really wanted to know what was going on in his head during all the turmoil, and where did he go all those times he disappeared for days Well I definitely got what I wished for I just am a little sad that the Kellan we get in this one, thinks so little of himself and is filled with so much self loathing I struggled at t 5 Stars for Kellan Kiera My Casting KellanKieraI don t even know how to review this book Kellen Kyle will always be my number one and that s pretty much the beginning and the endI have a life without you You re not my entire world You re just the part I loved the mostUsually, I just do not have the patience for these alternate POV books I can t do re reads and I feel like authors just copy and paste these books, change some of the inner monologues and whack it onto get us to part with our money a second time around And ordinarily, that winds me up I mean, even with Beautiful Disaster and Hopeless, when I adored the originals, I just felt like I was being conned And to be honest, the same can probably be said for this book BUTI will never, ever get enough of Kellan Plus, I think the fact that I read Thought Just when you thought you couldn t love him , S.
C Stephens makes you fall in love with Kellan Kyle all over again In typical fashion, S.
C draws you in, makes you feel like you are part of the story, and then doesn t let you go until the very last page Emotional, addictive, and a story you ll come back to time and again Superb LIVE on I don t think there has been or ever will be another rocker that owns my heart like Kellan Kyle I still remember all the things I felt while reading Thoughtless.
Whether you love or hate it, you have to give credit when I book completely owns you Thoughtless completely owned me, so while I was terrified to start this one knowing what was going to happen I am glad I did As I tell my friends, how can you pass up the chance to be in Kellan s head This review will be a little different since I am assuming if you are reading it you have read Thoughtless, if not please stop since there will be spoilers for the Thoughtless Series Thoughtful is Kellan s side of the story and honestly it was so much harder to read Where Kiera was indecisive and sometimes insensitive, Kellan was heartbreaking My favorite thing about the male POV is 3.
5 stars I can t remember the last time I read something that was purely the alternate POV of the same book maybe it was Walking Disaster Hmm I don t remember, but the point is I don t read those much because I don t want there to be a risk of ruining the original version of the story I took a leap of faith this time because of the hero Kellan Kyle He s one of my all time favorite book boyfriends and there isn t much I m not willing to endure while reading if it means he ll end up in a better and happy place Because honestly This book had many, many things that would normally drive me up a wall had I read it in another book I also want to say that if you re reading this book expecting there to be new stuff to be added to the original storyline of the Thoughtless trilogy, wrong mentality When the aut í Thoughtful (Thoughtless, #1.
í 4 I love you Kellan Kyle, even when you look like an obsessed psychopath Stars I will not dwell on explaining this book s story, because I don t believe there s many readers who don t know Kellan s and Kiera story Even the people who didn t read the books Basically, girl moves to another city with boyfriend, they going to live with boyfriend s friend, boyfriend finds a job in another city, girl and friend fall in love, huge mess happens In a very short way, it s basically it.
We ve read this story trough Kiera s eyes, but in this book it was Kellan s time to tell the story Despite not being necessary, I advise you to read this book only if you have read the Thoughtless series before And if you haven t, get on it, like yesterday If for some reason you want to break something after reading the first book, don t gi 3.
75 I m so very sorry and I feel very guilty about this stars Three years ago I had a baby.
Three years ago I had a baby that fed continuously through the night.
Three years ago I started to read again.
Three years ago I fell for Kellan Kyle.
Three years ago I stayed up till 4am reading thoughtless then 5am with Effortless.
And Three years later I read Thoughtful in TWO LONG WEEKS even after staying up late reading I dream about you sometimes about what it would have been like if Denny hadn t come back, if you were mine Holding your hand, walking into the bar with you on my arm not having to hide anything any Telling the world that I love you So to say this is a much different reading experience than the first three is an understatement, that maybe because I truly feel like I m doing a re read rather than reading new material or just because Kellan s thoughts were hard for S C Stephens hit the jackpot with this one Thoughtful is the best book from a male POV I ve read It was even better then Thoughtless Unbelievable One day later, and I m still recovering from the total mindfuck that Thoughtful was I had forgotten just how frustrating the Kellan Kiera Denny love triangle actually was, and it left me completely drained But I loved every second of it Kellan Kyle is worth everything This is S C Stephens at her best Thoughtful was everything I ever could have hoped for Ever since I read Thoughtless years ago, and fell in love with the sexy rock star Kellan Kyle, I ve hoping dreamt that author S C Stephens would write it from his POV I practically stalked her Facebook page for news daily But it seemed to good to be true that she actually would.
But as it turned out, dreams sometimes comes true My favourite book one of, from my favouri 3.
5 StarsThis was my very first audiobook and let me tell you, it s not as easy as it sounds and the experience is certainly different Sure, listening to an audiobook is very practical, but if you revisually oriented person like me, it takes some time to adjust I didn t know what to do with my hands and my eyes at first, however stupid that sounds Another problem was that sometimes I couldn t focus, my thoughts often wandered off somewhere or the narrator s voice lulled to sleep But once I got used to it, I was one hundred percent invested in the story.
As for the book, I loved the first three books and it was really nice to relive all the events through Kellan s eyes However, I already knew pretty much everything that would happen so this book wasn t angsty enough for my liking nor did it keep me on the edge of my seat like the first three books did I also struggled wit