Trailer ↠´ The Matchmakers P 7 egg The Matchmakers Selkirk Has A Mission To Take Care Of Every Stray Cat She Finds They Are Her Life, Her Sole Reason For Being But When Baldwin Rutledge Steps Into Her Barn Looking For A Cat, She Develops A Whole New Interest One In Which She Must Continually Remind Herself There Is No Future No Best To Hope For Not Selkirk Has A Mission To Take Care Of Every Stray Cat She Finds They Are Her Life, Her Sole Reason For Being But When Baldwin Rutledge Steps Into Her Barn Looking For A Cat, She Develops A Whole New

Trailer ↠´ The Matchmakers PDF by ê Ruth J. Hartman

Selkirk Has A Mission To Take Care Of Every Stray Cat She Finds They Are Her Life, Her Sole Reason For Being But When Baldwin Rutledge Steps Into Her Barn Looking For A Cat, She Develops A Whole New Interest One In Which She Must Continually Remind Herself There Is No Future No Best To Hope For Nothing Beyond Friendship And Spare Herself A Broken Heart Baldwin Rutledge Is Desperate To Stop His Aunt From Trying To Trailer ↠´ The Matchmakers PDF by ê Ruth J.
Hartman Find Him A Wife So He Decides To Distract Her By Procuring A Second Cat For Her His Plan Is Working Beautifully, Until He Meets Pretty Jessie Selkirk Now Marriage Is The Only Thing He Thinks About He D Like To Be Than Acquaintances, But Convincing Her Of That Might Take Some Doing The Matchmakers is a delightful tale of finding the special person in your life, an overbearing aunt and a few cats Ruth J Hartman is a very talented author who always has you falling in love with her characters and laughing throughout her books I loved The Matchmakers and fell in love with the crazy cat lady Jessie She was a sweet, caring and loving young woman who has a huge heart Baldwin is a easy going, gentleman who is tired of his aunt pushing him to get married That is until he finds a sweet young lady who loves cats as much as his dear aunt does The characters in this book will keep you giggling and falling in love with them The cats and crazy hats in this book will have you laughing out loud also Ruth you have created another amazing book and I cannot wait until the next one Your books are always a treat to read I recommend this book if you are a fan of cats or not The Matchmakers is hands down one of the funniest and most endearing novellas that I have read in quite some time With its unique story line and over the top yet lovable and quirky characters such as Jessie, Agatha who was probably my favorite character aside from Aunt Esther , The Matchmakers pulls you in and has you laughing from the very first sentence up until the very last line I devoured this book in one sitting, not even noticing how much time had passed I was that caught up in the books Ms Hartman has a wonderful way of telling a story that draws the reader in and keeps them interested Each of her stories continues to be different from the last, each with its own set of characters that are just so human that it is impossible not to I ll start off by admitting this is the first book I have read by this author, but IT DEFINITELY WILL NOT BE MY LAST This is one of those that happens not so often, but where you read one book and then want to find everything the author has written and read it as well I was very pleasantly surprised I read the book from beginning to end and did not want to stop reading I found myself smiling, sighing, and then laughing out loud The hero is great not only to the heroine but to his way out of the box aunt The heroine is not your ordinary run of the mill girl As well as a pick me up the author pulls you in and you feel a part of the book as you imagine every scene happen The book is a light read without a lot of suspenseful energy If a person ever needed a great book to just What a fun story to read that had me laughing out loud several times during this short story We have an eccentric aunt, Esther Rutledge who has decided her nephew, Baldwin Rutledge needs to marry and have children, preferably a nephew first She has no children and is depending on him for a legitimate heir Trying to get his Aunt away from the subject he brings up that her cat Agatha is getting older and then Aunt Esther decides it is up to Baldwin to help her find a playmate for Agatha Baldwin s driver Adam suggest his sister, Jessie Selkirk She is considered odd to most people because of her love of cats and housing over 50 of them Many visits to her and back to his Aunt begins a romance between them a plan that is working well for Aunt Esther I loved the tea party with hats for cats and humans Truly this is a fun read and I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review You can find the original review on Genuine JennI am a cat fan only have 4 of our own so I found this novella to be super cute It is a sweet romance orof a beginning to what will be a very sweet romance between the two main characters, Jessie and Baldwin The characters are all very likeable along with each of the cats Funny how a small little animal can bring people together I started this book and couldn t put it down I read it in one sitting If you are looking for a cute novella with no drama other than the cats this is a great book, maybe a bedtime story Ruth keeps the story hoping from beginning to end with no shortage of the wonderful cats I love Baldwin s eccentric Aunt who wil ó The Matchmakers ó Once again Ms Hartman does not disappoint This is a sweet and charming love story Baldwin Rutledge and Jessie Selkirk are thrown together by his Aunt Esther and the unlikely matchmaker s, her cats The old adage if you want to know how he will treat you, look t o how he treats his mother In this case it is Baldwin s patient and indulgent relationship with his aunt Jessie is like the cat whisperer and helps Baldwin acquire new companions for Esther s aging cat, Agatha Jessie also has a knack for reigning in Aunt Esther too This is a wonderful story for a stormy afternoon or a day by the pool or beach Enjoy this lovely romance.
I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
The Matchmakers is a cute regency novella about one eccentric Aunt Esther, her nephew Baldwin, Jessie I like to think of her as the cat lady and numerous cats The story is laugh out loud funny and has some of the sweetest moments as well Hartman develops not only the human characters but the cat characters also Hartman s writing made for real life scenes in my mind and I could envision the barn, the cats, the wind blowing through Jessie s hair If you want a good laugh and some romance too, then you will love The Matchmakers I received a complimentary copy of this book, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
Baldwin Rutledge is being badgered by his Aunt Esther to get married so she may have nieces and nephews to dote on, preferably a nephew first Since he ll soon be nine and twenty, the dear old lady s pushing him because in a few years she may be gone and Baldwin will be settled well into bachelorhood.
His Lordship doesn t want to marry not just yet anyway, so to distract his aunt, he offers to get her pet cat Agatha a companion The next thing he knows, he s on a cat hunt, for Aunt Esther wants that companion right away With the aid of his driver, Adam, Baldwin finds himself at a dilapidated old barn where Adam s sister Jessie houses the many abandoned cats she rescues and shelters.
Jessie supplies a cat Baldwin takes it to his aunt and things begin to get out of hand Soon there s another kitten added to the mix and Jessie finds herself The Matchmakers by Ruth J Hartman This is a sweet tale of when an old women wanting to get her way ends up collecting a lot of class in order to achieve her goal A women named the cat women and who is avoided by many people because she is considered eccentric and she is just trying to be able to keep the cats that are left at her house Now the old women s family member is sent to the cat women so that he can pick out some new cats Between the family member, the cat women the older women, and all of those cats there is bound to be some mystery and an amazing story in which some cats continue to help two people to get together