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☆ Reaper ô Download by ↠´ Seth Gruner

Boundaries Between Life And Death Will Be Skewed In This Time Of Peril The Powerful Demon And Lucifer S Right Hand, Known As Azazel, Has Escaped Hell And Stolen The Scythe Of Death While In Possession Of The Scythe, All Of The Powers That The Grim Reaper Once Harnessed Become Azazel S Having No Other Alternatives, Death Itself Will Undergo Vast Endeavors That It Has Never Experienced As It Searches To Retrieve The Scythe As Planned, Azazel Soon Finds His Way To Earth ☆ Reaper ô Download by ↠´ Seth Gruner And Lucifer S Unholy And Devastating Plan Is Set Into MotionDeath Is Granted Life And Steps Over Into The Land Of The Living As It Begins Its Crucial Quest The Human Emotions Of Love, Hate, Happiness, Vengeance, Confusion And Loss Are All Experienced By The Reaper On Its Inquisitive And Enlightening Walk Through Life Along The Way It Obtains Help From Heroic Mortals, The Immortal Protectors Of Earth, Both Fallen Angels That Have Lost Their Divinity And Those Who Have Stayed Righteous, And Others However, Will There Be Enough Time In This Epic Tale Of Good Vs Evil Or, Will Mankind Make A Sacrifice Too Great To Return From Can The Weapons Of Heaven Vanquish Such An Assault, Or Will Lucifer Finally Get Set Free Follow The Ever Suspenseful And Action Packed Roller Coaster As Death Takes On A Threat Against Humanity, Heaven And Existence Itself