¸ On Folly Beach Æ Download by 3 egg On Folly Beach Emmy Hamilton is at a loss after her husband s death in Afghanistan Her mother convinces her to move to Folly Beach, a South Carolina barrier island, to take over a bookstore Reluctant at first, Emmy only makes up her mind to go when she finds a sort of love letter written in the ma Emmy Hamilton is at a loss after her husband s death in Afghanistan Her mother convinces her to move to Folly Beach, a South Carolina barrier island, to take over a bookstore Reluctan

¸ On Folly Beach Æ Download by Ë Karen White

Emmy Hamilton is at a loss after her husband s death in Afghanistan Her mother convinces her to move to Folly Beach, a South Carolina barrier island, to take over a bookstore Reluctant at first, Emmy only makes up her mind to go when she finds a sort of love letter written in the margin of an old book that came from that store, Folly s Finds The first person she encounters is an irascible old woman, Lulu, who seems downright hostile When she finds out that a condition of her purchasing the store is keeping Lulu on as a tenant for her business designing and selling bottle trees, Emmy nearly gives up But the margin notes in the books are a mystery she cannot abandon, and somehow Lulu holds the key to the full story Going back and forth in time from 2009 to 1943, when Lulu was a nine year old girl obsessed with Nancy Dr Avoid I can t believe so many people think this is a 4 star book I ve lived On Folly Beachsunned On Folly Beach.
and ma am, this is not a realistic representation of Folly Beach Anybody interested in a true interpretation of the Low Country needs to read The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy The description of the flavor and life of the Low Country is truly lyrical, and the plot climax an actual surprise As far as On Folly Beach went, I never felt that the characters really took life They were on paper to me, cardboard thin, and I could almost see the author typing the words, and working hard, but the characters were never fully fleshed out Predictable and strained plotlines SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT The only exception to the above may have been the accurate p Another fabulous book from this author I have yet to read anything by her I haven t absolutely loved and am slowly making my way through her books only slowly, because I know once I am all caught up I will be super sad waiting for the next ones to come out.
Totally loved it It reminded me of my own books, so clearly it was the sort of story that resonates with me Karen did a beautiful job balancing different points of view and different time periods A delight.
Beach, South Carolina, Has Survived Despite Hurricanes And War But It S The Personal Battles Of Folly Beach S Residents That Have Left The Most Scars, And Why A Young Widow Has Been Beckoned There To Heal Her Own To Most People, Folly Beach Is Simply The Last Barrier Island Before Reaching The Great Atlantic To Some, It S A Sanctuary For Lost Souls, Which Is Why Emmy Hamilton S Mother Encourages Her To Buy The Local Book Store, Folly S Finds, Hoping It ¸ On Folly Beach Æ Download by Ë Karen White Will Distract Emmy From The Loss Of Her Husband Emmy Is At First Resistant So Much Has Already Changed But After Finding Love Letters And An Image Of A Beautiful Bottle Tree In A Box Of Used books From Folly S Finds, She Decides To Take The Plunge But The Seller Insists On One Condition Emmy Must Allow Lulu, The Late Owner S Difficult Sister, To Continue Selling Her Bottle Trees From Its Back Yard For The Most Part Emmy Ignores Lulu As She Sifts Through The Love Letters, Wanting To Learn But The She Discovers About The Letters, The She Understands Lulu As Details Of A Possible Murder And A Mysterious Disappearance During WWII Are Revealed, The Two Women Discover That Circumstances Beyond Their Control, Sixty Years Apart, Have Brought Them Together, Here On Folly Beach And It Is Here That Their War Ravaged Hearts Can Find Hope For A Second Chance

I enjoy Karen White novels and this did not disappoint a gripping southern drama using a Folly Beach, South Carolina bookstore as the background for its setting.
modern day intertwining with the WWll era.
Strong female characters, family secrets and a delicious mystery dating back to 1942 made this a great pick This book has so much going for itSouthern location, bookstores, Nancy Drew, book lovers, loss loves, broken hearts, an intriguing mystery and strong family connections There wasn t a page that I didn t enjoy reading and even though I wanted desperately to see how Emmy and Lulu s stories would end, I truly didn t want this book to run out of pages I love how White took historical facts and weaved them into her story It really made everything come alive and I could visualize each character, smell the ocean, and feel the heartbreak.
For me a good book not only entertains, but also can help expand my knowledge of history and folklore I ve never heard of bottle trees nor had any idea about the stories behind them Slaves from Africa thought that you could capture evil spi ↠´ On Folly Beach ↠´ From my blog return return Filled with emotion, longing, secrets and hope, On Folly Beach by Karen White is a beautiful look at two women, brought together by circumstances unknown to the other, who learn they may not be as dissimilar as they each originally believed The story is told alternating between present day Folly Beach 2009 and 1942 Folly Beach the year that changed so many lives Emmy, at the urging of her mother, drives to Folly Beach to consider purchasing Folly s Finds from Abigail Reynolds and to rent a cottage from Abigail s son Heath However before even entering the home, Emmy encounters Lulu O Shea, the creator of the bottle trees, and Heath s great aunt, an acerbic woman who does not take a liking to Emmy Lulu, now into her 70 s has seen a lot, held onto secrets as well as heartbreak and is uncertain of her I very much enjoy Karen White s writing, and this was no exception I just couldn t put the book down today luckily it was a snow day so it was okay to binge read There is a lot to offer here and a lot going on It was not hard to follow the 2 timelines, though and each had great things to offer a reader As you read, you try to sort out the different family mysteries that the truth of have become almost lost over time It is both heartbreaking and heartwarming, and studies the lengths we will go to protect those we love from hurt and disappointments I would ve liked just a butexplanation closure on one storyline, but I m sure its details are left out purposefully to allow the reader to draw their own conc Emmy Hamilton arrives in Folly Beach, South Carolina with a heavy heart Her beloved husband, Ben, has been killed while fighting in Afghanistan her mother, though compassionate, can barely stand for the grief of it all Devastated at having to watch her own daughter lose someone so dear to her, Emmy s mother encourages her to travel to the East Coast and purchase an old bookstore Folly s Finds after purchasing boxes of old books on eBay.
Sifting through the novels, Emmy begins to feel a kinship to whomever owned the books before especially after she begins finding handwritten notes in the margins, many of them with a loving or longing quality to the words Since her mother has such fond memories of Folly s Finds and Emmy is almost completely adrift, lost and without purpose, the idea of getting away to another place, anoth