[Jackie Chanel] ↠´ FanGirl Sq 10 egg FanGirl Squeal (Rock Great readI Loved this book I got it for free on kindle unlimited then bought it because it belongs in my must read again pile Cash and Savannah are a great couple he a rock star she s is so not crazy number one fan What a great love story it was sexy with supporting characters.
Great readI Loved this book I got it for free on kindle unlimited then bought it because it belongs in my must read again pile Cash and Savannah are a great couple he a rock star she

[Jackie Chanel] ↠´ FanGirl Squeal (RockStars of Romance Book 1) [womens PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ì completewoman.co

Great readI Loved this book I got it for free on kindle unlimited then bought it because it belongs in my must read again pile Cash and Savannah are a great couple he a rock star she s is so not crazy number one fan What a great love story it was sexy with supporting characters.
I love a rockstar romance novel and this one doesn t disappoint It has drama in bucket loads and a few twists and turns that I loved but didn t expect Savannah Ford is an entertainment journalist aka gossip blogger and SUPERFAN But heaven forbid you should call her that She has an extremely successful website called Fangirlsqueal.
com and is the number one fan of Cash Myers She has loved him and followed his career for eight years since before he was signed and their first meeting in the JukeBox Cash Myers is the most sought after artist of his generation He has worked his ass off to get where he is today sitting pretty at number one on the billboard charts and just finishing his latest sold out US tour He has sworn that he would never date a gossip blogger or a fan they are just too much drama but since meeting Savannah again he cannot deny the instant and intense attraction tha Myers Is A Sensitive Singer Songwriter That Has Captured The Hearts Of Fangirls Around The World With His Music Savannah Is A Gossip Blogger And Self Proclaimed SUPERFAN After One Encounter,Years Ago Before Cash Became Internationally Known, Savannah Has Been HisFan When Their Paths Cross Again, Their Attraction To Each Other Is Undeniable And A FANGIRL S Dream Weekend In New York City Brings Savannah And Cash Even Closer No One Believes That Their Feelings For Each Other Are Real, [Jackie Chanel] ↠´ FanGirl Squeal (RockStars of Romance Book 1) [womens PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ì Especially Cash S Management AtYears Old, Savannah S Parents Expect Her To Step Away From The Computer And GET A REAL JOB While Her Twin Sister Is Over The Moon That Savannah Will Forever Be The One Who Disappointed Her Civil Rights Activist Parents By Bringing A White Boy Home To Meet The Family With Gossip Sites Tracking Their Every Move And Cash S Big Little Secret, It Seems Like The Relationship Is Doomed From The Start How Can They Even Consider Being Together When Social Stigmas And Self Created Drama Keep Forcing Them Apart This one was really challenging for me to finish If not for my typical completionist mentality, I probably would not have I should have turned away at the title, which I think sets expectations perfectly for this book, but I gave it a chance against my better judgment.
Not based on anything other than my own assumptions, I felt like this was really the author taking an opportunity to write a fantasy, including multiple editorials which felt like they were things she feels about music and took the opportunity of writing a novel to communicate to whomever reads it It felt obvious and generic The same things you hear teenage music fans communicating in a variety of different ways And, it wasn t something I would expect from a leading entertainment journalist nor would I expect it to have some magical ability to resonate so profoundly wi SNSBAH Rating 5.
0 Tracy s Review Cash Myers met Savannah 8 years ago and it was a day she never forgot He went off and became a huge superstar but Savannah never forgot him, in fact she became his self proclaimed superfan and the leader of his unofficial fan club When Savannah runs into him again and meets the man that literally saved her life and doesn t know it, sparks fly The chemistry between them is off the charts and something keeps pulling them together Can the get past the stigma of a bi racial relationship, her parents not accepting him, his old ex and her bombshell or the big secret Cash is hiding from Savannah Nobody seems to want them to work out, but will all this things strengthen them or destroy them Loved this book and I fell in love with Cash Myers Wow, what a hero He is a Mamma s boy, a knight in shining armor and a hot rock star all rolled into one man Savannah is a Okay so I liked the book, I mean REALLY liked this book however I just finished reading it and I am a little lost Is there going to be a part 2 Because the way that it ended was hella odd Like I was expecting something completely different and I actually a little disappointed at the ending I guess it could be considered a HEA but I still have so many unanswered questions and I want to know what happens after I mean this was a pretty HUGE road block not a little secret so it would have been nice to know what happened when all was said and done I loved the characters, I actually pictured Cash as Sam Hunt and Savannah as Meagan Tandy It was a very interesting story.
actually I love interracial celeb stories and there aren t that many of them, so when I come across one I read it and hope for the best and besides the suck ass odd ending I loved everything else Cash was just Æ FanGirl Squeal (RockStars of Romance Book 1) ¸ I liked the storyline of this book Worldwide famous but humble rock star meets his biggest fan who could also be his biggest enemy Takes a couple of missed opportunities for Cash and Savannah to properly meet face to face and are hugely attracted to each other One is born into a rich,black African heritage with affluence and long held mistrust white people and the other who is self made multimillionaire with no racial prejudice Cash and Savannah have many battles to face in order to have a relationship but with many hurdles in their path can they end up together through compromise and love, or will the opinion of others around them and around the world, the rumours, the scrutiny and the non believers keep them apart I liked that the storyline rais OMG this book was amazing I loved it I could not put it down It had everything I look for in a book, originality among the characters, love, happiness, sadness,uniqueness, and it was funny as hell It answered and discussed a lot of things about race, interracial dating and high society African Americans I was literally blown away I loved it I would love to readinto there story Savannah and Cash, or just another book by these two ladies again They really did there research when writing this book Great jobs ladies thank you for writing this book, because I struggle with not fitting the black mold I like my hair kinky, I like my chucks rather then Jordan s, I love to listen to music that speaks to you rather then a rapper dissing a woman This book

Title Fan Girl SquealAuthor Jackie ChanelSeries RockStars of Romance, Book 1Publisher Pink Neon PublishingReviewer MelissaRelease Date August 11, 2014Genre s Rock Star RomancePage Count 348Heat Level 4 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5Blurb Cash Myers is a sensitive singer songwriter that has captured the hearts of fangirls around the world with his music Savannah is a gossip blogger and self proclaimed SUPERFAN After one encounter, 8 years ago before Cash became internationally known, Savannah has been his 1 fan When their paths cross again, their attraction to each other is undeniable and a FANGIRL S dream weekend in New York City brings Savannah and Cash even closer No one believes that their feelings for each other are real, especially Cash s management At 27 years old, Savannah s parents expect her to step away from the computer and GET A REAL JOB while her twin sister is ove Fangirl Squeal is a music based romance about a young woman who runs an online entertainment magazine lowkey gossip site and the superstar musician she s been literally fangirling over for practically her entire adult life Savannah, the lead in this story, also has personal issues namely a twin sister who makes her feel inferior and overbearing, well to do, intellectual parents who only want the best for their daughter I like Savannah because of her edgy, alternative style and personality, but I initially did not connect with her because for the first half of the book she is sniffing after Cash s dirty draws while trying to disprove to her family that she is a worthy individual capable of making her own choices Coupled with the fact that I kept drawing comparisons between Cash and Savannah and Aiden and Sunny Tyler of the Friends and Lovers series, I was truly re